What Pete Plays

I primarily play Collings guitars. They are made in Austin, TX and quite frankly, I believe that they are the best guitars being built today. The model that I play live is an OM1 or my new Pete Huttlinger Signature Model OM1-A. The first has a Sitka spruce top and the second has an Adirondack spruce top. They are both very, very fine recording instruments. The OM1 has a lower action for my live performances. For that reason it has a little less volume but hey, who cares about volume? That's why we have a sound-man.

I have a few other guitars that I enjoy playing:

Chris Bozung made a CB-ROM (resonator guitar) that is astounding and a Brazilian rosewood Model J. The Model J has a deep rich tone.

I also play, on occasion, a Collings OM2-H, Collings D1-A, a Larrivee Custom made one-of-a-kind guitar, a Keith Adams classical guitar, Takamine classical, Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster, Gibson 335, 1938 Gibson L-50, 1950 Gibson L-7 and a TV Jones guitar. I play a 1968 Gibson Mastertone banjo, a 1999 Gilchrist Model-5 mandolin, 1924 Gibson A-2 Mandolin and a Collings MT mandolin.

I also have an Irish Bouzouki, Cuban Tres guitar, a Brazilian Cavaquinho


COLLINGS OM1 and Pete Huttlinger Signature Model OM1-A and D1-A equipped with a FISHMAN Matrix Infinity pickup. The controls are mounted inside the sound hole of the guitar so I can have complete control over my guitars blend and volume quickly. The best thing is that I didn’t have to have my guitar cut or altered in anyway to have this system installed.

I play through an AER Compact 60 amp that I really love. I take it everywhere I go to help maintain consistency in my sound… plus I’ll always have at least one good monitor with me because sometimes you just never know what you're getting into...

I also use a Fishman Aura Spectrum and it is a great addition to my live sound.

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